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    Share your current or desired job title to see how competitive your current salary is.

  • What Data Do We Collect?

    We do not collect your salary information, this is only used for the page to provide you with enhanced information.

  • How Does This All Work?

    Pertemps uses thousands of current and historic salaries to determine what the market is paying for your role.

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  • Why use Pertemps for your next temporary role?

    Temporary employment is on the up and predicted to increase month-on-month as companies look to stay flexible and adapt to a fast-moving business environment.

  • Pertemps Network Group’s candidate insight team, Meriden Media, has produced the first in a series of quarterly salary surveys

    The surveys are currently on the Pertemps website and have been compiled on a regional basis across the UK, reporting the regional average pay rates.

  • Pertemps has launched a new salary health checker to make sure that you know your worth when going for a new job.

    With our salary health checker, candidates can see if they are being paid fairly and consider exploring other job opportunities through our Pertemps website.